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NBC Universal Teaming up with Hollywood Power Duo

NBC Universal

After lots of speculation, the Hollywood power duo, Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun, are teaming up with our very own parent company, NBC Universal Television. When Gail Berman, a former Fox exec and Paramount Pictures chief, left the studio in January, and she teamed up with Lloyd Braun, former ABC exec and more recently, Yahoo Media chief, everyone wondered with whom they'd team up. They're not looking backwards and making deals with their former employers, instead going to NBC Universal, signing a three-year, first-look development deal. And this isn't just a TV deal, it specifies that BermanBraun will provide content "across all properties and platforms", which means look for some serious online content.

Look at their track record: they've developed "Lost", "American Idol", "Grey's Anatomy", "House", and "Desperate Housewives", arguably the hottest shows on TV. And Berman has the rare distinction of being the first and only female exec to have held the top job at both a major film studio and TV network. And Lloyd Braun created Yahoo! Media Group, running it until this past December. And though Yahoo hasn't fared as well as everyone expected when he launched the group, it does mean that Braun has exposure to that fast-changing space.

A big partnership for our parent company for sure!

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