Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Alcatel-Lucent : "You have the nerve to coming on my Lightning Round, the Jim Cramer Lightning Round, and talk about Alcatel-Lucent? ... the stock that cut my head off ... that's cost more money than almost any other stock in [history] ... As long as that management team is in place -- Sell! Sell! Sell!  From now on I'm banning Alcatel-Lucent from the Lightning Round!"

Arch Coal : "It's been been at 30 give or take a point for so long now, I'm beginning to think that there isn't anything that could move the stock ... When a stock is in the mud is when you should not get discouraged ... It remains in bull mode. I'm giving it a triple buy. And I'm throwing in BTU, Peabody Energy ." Cramer says coal stocks are too cheap to ignore.

Universal Stainless & Alloy: "I like it ... also I like Reliance Steel & Aluminum , which always tends to lag and be a great second-day play."

Manitowoc : "I like Terex and Catepillar more than Manitowoc."

Consol Energy : "If you're going to be in an energy company that makes coal, I'm going to refer you back to the previous caller and recommend both Arch Coal and BTU."

Cisco Systems : "Stop wondering, start buying. This is the best in show."

TiVo : "TiVo?! See Alcetel-Lucent. I'm banning that one, too."

Sonus Networks: "If you want voice infrastructure, I'm sending you to Cisco. Why not stick with the best?"

Amgen : "I've been losing sleep about Amgen ... at 14 times earnings, perhaps the worst is over ... I think it's down enough that you have to at least put a little more in ... I want to stay with Amgen."

Jim's charitable trust owns CAT.

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