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Ted Turner Powers Up 

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**FILE** CNN founder Ted Turner reacts as he speaks about Gerald Levin, the former CEO of AOL Time Warner, while speaking at the CNN 25 World Report Conference in Atlanta in this Wednesday, June 1, 2005 file photo. Turner received the Clinton Center Award for Leadership and National Service Wednesday, June 29, 2005, for his work as an environmentalist in New York. The award is given by the Democratic Leadership Council, a Washington-based nonprofit organization comprised of Democratic legislato
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Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner has attracted his fair share of names during his life, but he's also been a trailblazer, from his founding of the all-news TV network CNN to the revival of the American Buffalo herd and now -- perhaps -- the establishment of solar energy as a viable alternative fuel. (Not that he didn't already have exquisite green credentials.)

Turner's latest venture comes after years of distancing himself from the AOL-Time Warner mega-merger, an event that that made him one of the richest men in the world and then, as the new company floundered, a very frustrated vice chairman and entrepreneur, whose historic billion-dollar stock pledge to the United Nations eroded in value.

Turner's no longer involved in Time Warner -- nor does he own a single share of the company -- but he continues in his entrepreneurial ways.

Turner bought a stake in the New Jersey-based company, DT Solar, and is bullish about the industry's prospects. "It's gonna’ be the biggest business opportunity the world has ever seen,"  he says. Turner, for the record, is not a proponent of corn-based ethanol.

Thinking Solar

On a less grand scale, Turner has joined the famous in becoming a restaurateur, launching the "Ted's Mountain Grill" chain, which specializes in bison meat for those health conscious consumers with a passion for burgers.

And whether it is thoughtful food or food for thought, Turner is ever ready to share his thoughts on a number of subjects from the media business to nuclear disarmament to philanthropy and moguls, particularly Oracle's Larry Ellison.

CNBC reporter Jane Wells visited Turner in Atlanta. Here are excerpts of her wide-ranging interview.

Ted Turner's New Venture
Ted Turner no longer owns a single share of Time Warner, and he said he has moved on to something much bigger. CNBC's Jane Wells interviewed Turner and has the details.
Tues. Mar. 6 2007 | 8:20:00 AM [04:06]

What's Firing Up Ted Turner?

What's Firing Up Ted Turner?
Ted Turner is investing in solar power and restaurants, CNBC's Jane Wells reports.
Tues. Mar. 6 2007 | 1:46:00 PM [02:49]