Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Saks : "The company is en fuego. This is one of my favorite situations...Saks, I think, is going up four or five more points."

Gmarket: "We said to buy that at $20, we said to sell that at $25. They just reported a quarter that, frankly, looks horrible." Cramer has no good news to report for this stock.

Sprint : "I had been very negative about Sprint. I felt the company had lost its way. I was concerned." But Cramer was so impressed with last quarter that he says it's now "doing everything right." Spring is a "buy, buy, buy, particularly under $20. That stock could go much higher."

Global Industries : Cramer advises holders of GLBL to swap out for GlobalSantaFe , Transocean or Halliburton . These stocks are all on the move, HAL especially. "I have said [Halliburton] is going to be one of my best stocks of '07 and I'm reiterating."

Logitech : Cramer is suprised this stock isn't doing better. "They did miss the quarter...but I think the stock is a buy."

Dean Foods : "[This company] is all about returning money to shareholders. That special dividend plan is brilliant." Cramer applauds DF.

Genzyme : "I think you gotta buy this company." Cramer says people are worrying about Congressional action against biotech companies, but it isn't going to happen.

RF Micro Devices : "This is one of those little stocks that has had a nice move." Unfortunately, Cramer thinks it's too late. Sell now, but when it comes back to $6, pull the trigger, he says.

Acorda Therapeutics: A "very speculative stock." Cramer is reluctant to recommend with a lot of the great biotech stocks trading down so badly.

Research in Motion : RIM is a "good place to be, not a great place to be." Cramer likes it substantially lower and can't recommend it at its current price.

Walter Industries: This industrial metals and minerals company got hammered after its last quarter. Cramer says it's too difficult to understand what's going on with it now, but he isn't totally backing away. "There's a lot of value in there if they choose to bring it out."

Baxter International : "A company we simply don't talk enough about on the show. Baxter is operating on all cylinders. Baxter is a winner!"

ExpressJet Holdings : Cramer is only recommending one airline stock right now, and that's Continental .

MasterCard : "You need to buy more MasterCard. I would pull the trigger multiple times!"

Emerson Electric : Cramer calls Emerson one of the best-run manufacturers in the country. "It's one of those great American companies that doesn't get the credit it's due."

Bristol-Myers Squibb : Sell BMY, Cramer says. "It's just OK right here."

Pioneer Drilling : Cramer reiterates his call on Global Industries. Sell Pioneer and get in GSF, RIG or HAL if you want to be in drilling stocks, he says.

Take-Two Interactive Software : "When I look at the core business I just don't think that there's anything there." Cramer had, at one point, recommended TTWO, but now says he was "too bullish" and he regrets it.

Vail Resorts : A good stock that has had a big run, Cramer says.

Regal Entertainment Group : "Pull the trigger...I would own Regal Entertainment."

Jim's charitable trust owns Transocean and Halliburton.

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