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Strategists "Very Cautious" Ahead Of Jobs Report

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Where is the suddenly turbulent market going? The answer may be up for grabs, but one thing seems certain: all investors should factor in Friday's jobs report. Two strategists -- one equity, one bonds -- gave their views on "Power Lunch."

Phil Orlando, chief equity market strategist for Federated Investors, believes that the markets were oversold -- and that the correction is not over completely. As it "probably" needed a 10% correction to "rejigger it to reasonable levels" of valuation, he maintains we're only halfway there."

Thus, Orlando councels being "very cautious" ahead of the Labor Department's employment report; he told CNBC's Sue Herera that there could be an impact on the mortgage and housing markets if job growth slows significantly. He says non-farm payrolls "could come in light."

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Tony Crescenz, chief bond market strategist at Miller Tabak, concurs with Orlando's cautious outlook. He explained that last week's market plunge may turn out to signify two very different things: if it was a "financial event," i.e., a correction, then the bond market is merely overpriced; but if it was an "economic event" -- growing pains of an evolving economy -- then "major changes could be on the way."

Crescenzi advises that one way to prepare for massive change is to trade in to higher-quality bonds, rated triple-B or better.