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Street Fight: Herb Greenberg Goes Cruisin' For A Bruisin'


It’s time for the family feud. A “Fast Money” family fued, that is. Herb Greenberg is in the house – and his punches come faster and harder than most heavyweight boxing champs. Forget Ali v. Frasier or even Rosie v. The Donald -  those were just skirmishes. What follows is a down home “Street Fight.”

When he’s in the same room as Herb Greenberg, our Commissioner, Dylan Ratigan is transformed into a wild dog, snapping at the air, eager to provoke a fight. Well, not really but he does loves to show clips from past shows that send Herb into a frenetic frenzy.

Fight 1: Strazzini on Panera (PNRA)
On February 22nd Tim Strazzini said “A trend is developing (in Panera’s stock price). They have got two good same store sales numbers. Something I learned from Macke, follow the trend, (if) the next same store sales number is a solid one the stock is going to 65.”

Herb comes out swinging. He says same store sales are not doing very well. Today they were down 6/10’s of one percent. And what’s worse they’re not doing as much volume at lunch time as they had hoped. Herb thinks Panera has hit a wall.

Tim throws a hand up to deflect the blow (not really) and says Herb is right. Storms hit the mid-west where Panera is concentrated. People didn’t go out for Panera bread with 3 feet of snow on the ground. So they missed sales. But, this stock has held up well. He agrees there’s negative news – but this stock behaved great and he would continue to own it. Tim sees it at 65 dollars.

Dylan declares Herb the winner of round one.

Fight 2: Adami on Microsoft (MSFT)
On February 16th Guy Adami said “(Microsoft) stock rallied 44% from June. Everything was in the stock already. You have to know what the stock has been doing  - what’s priced in. That’s how you know how to buy or sell things… specifically in this case, sell."

Herb goes for the kill and says the stock is down about 2 points since Guy made this call. But this is a longer term story. Only 3 out of the companies 7 businesses are very profitable. Those are Office, their server business and the Windows business. And those businesses are coming out with new products. Microsoft is on a roll.

Guy says he couldn’t agree more. But when he made the call he said sell it at $31 dollars. He loves Microsoft -- but not at 31.

Dylan declares round 2 for Adami.

Fight 3: Bolling on Palm (PALM)
On February 22nd Eric Bolling said, “Blackberry is kicking the you know what out of Palm. This is a company so well positioned to be bought. Take a look at the Palm chart. Oh look at that...Are you kidding???”

Herb says that was a foul ball. Take a look at the short term Palm chart which doesn’t look good. It’s a takeover target and the stock is up.

Eric says his call was a grand slam. The stock went up for a couple days, only. But Eric’s Palm chart shows the company down 12% over one year and the Research In Motion (RIM) chart show that company is up a whopping 71%. (RIM is the maker of BlackBerry)

Dylan says round three goes to Eric Bolling!  But as always, Herb put up a good fight. Now where are the band-aids??

Street Fight

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On MAR 8, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders. Strazzini Owns (EWG), (WMT), (YHOO). Bolling Owns (MPEL), (SZE), (VE), Gold, Silver, Soybeans, Is Short S&P Futures, Is Short Nasdaq Futures, Is Short Natural Gas, Is Short Corn Macke Owns (JWN). Strazzini Owns (FLS), (SNDK)