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Romo Gone Gonzo
Former NFL player Bill Romanowski can do many things in life now that his career is over. One thing he can’t do is launch his own nutrition company. I mean, what’s more absurd than that?

Sure the guy was legendary for taking tons of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes - you name it. But the dude admitted to using human growth hormone. So with all that in mind, I walk into work this morning and get this e-mail in my box.

“Bill Romanowski is launching his new nutrition company, Nutrition 53, Inc…Nutrition 53 is dedicated to providing premium nutritional products that can dramatically enhance one's quality of life and performance.”

I am quite eager to see what Romo is selling besides Neuro1 -- what the news release calls “a mental energy drink.” Hmmm. Maybe he can get some HGH for my neighbor’s Pee Wee football team.

When Will Knight Buy A Team?
Every year the Forbes billionaires report comes out, I look over it to see who might be the next owner of a sports team. Each year, I stare at Phil Knight and wonder how it is that he doesn’t own a team. Knight’s the 69th richest person in the world, according to the magazine, coming in at $9.5 billion. I know he lives for his University of Oregon teams, but I think he’d love to be an owner of a team, minus the publicity part. If he owned a team, he’d definitely be harder to get for a reporter than Steinbrenner.

Of The Other Knight
USA Today reporters Steve Wieberg and Jodi Upton have done tremendous work uncovering coaches salaries and they had a fantastic article yesterday about how coaches benefit from the play of their teams in the tournament. But the greatest part of the article is the fact that they unearthed the fact that Bobby Knight got paid $120,000 for the O’Reilly Auto Parts logo on his sweater in the 2004-05 season, which made up 12 percent of his salary. When I first wrote about Knight doing the sweater sponsorship deal, it was thought that other coaches would follow, but three years later, Knight’s still the only one who has a sweater sponsorship. Given how much he got for that -- and it seems to be a great supplement to a coaching salary -- I'm surprised that's the case.

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