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The Guys Stumble, Oh So Slightly...


How can you appreciate the thrill of victory without suffering the agony of defeat. Following are the guy's stock picks that left them grabbing their sides, doubled over in pain, or otherwise injured.

On February 21st Guy Adami thought he had a slam dunk. At the time he said "Laboratory Corp (LH) is an incredible growth story. They just beat 4th quarter earnings by 18%. I think you can own this throughout the year."

Today, Guy says he was wrong, but he plans to come back to this stock at some point.

On March 1st, Tim Strazzini was negative and took aim at the brokerages. At the time he said, "When you look at the valuations of these mortgage companies, they're already pricing in a blowout. Bear Stearns (BSC), Lehman Brothers (LEH), two names, they're going to feel it much, much worse."

Dylan Ratigan says both stocks are holding up just fine. 

Today, Tim says Lehman and Bear Stearns have the most exposure to the slowdown in the mortgage space. If they see reduced revenue from a slowdown in the mortgage business, the will have to find revenue elsewhere.

On January 25th Jon Najarian went to bat for Microsoft (MSFT). At the time he said "I like it. I think they put up a very impressive bottom line. They've got the wind at their back."

Dylan says the wind is somewhere but not at their back.

Today, Jon says he heard they were going to sign Tiger Woods to promote Vista. (He got bad information.) He still likes Microsoft.

On March 6th, Jeff Macke seemingly jumped the gun. At the time he said "Costco (COST) - It's a name I want to be long for tomorrow and the rest of the year."

Dylan says Costco is down the past 3 days.

Today, Jeff says it wasn’t a great earnings report and that dragged down the stock so Costco is a longer term play. I still want to be long this stock.

Dylan says Costco is good for a portfolio bad for a trade.

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On MAR 9, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders.Najarian Owns (BA), (GS), (KLAC), (LVS), (LEH), (MSFT), (NE), (PDE), (STP) Is Short (HOG) Strazzini Owns (T), (YHOO), (BRCM), (SNDK), (TXN), (NSM) is short (HOG) On 1/25 Najarian owned (MSFT)