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Judy Gold Going For The "Gold," Naturally


Judy Gold is an Emmy-winning comedienne and hosts HBO's "At the Multiplex with Judy Gold".  She's also the celeb on the first hour of  "Morning Call" for our Trading With The Stars portion of our portfolio challenge. She says she's out to win it all.

As we've told you--each show will have a celeb ("Morning Call" and "Closing Bell" have two each) trading for bragging rights and a good cause. The best performing portfolio using CNBC "bucks" at the end of nine weeks wins a very real $50,000 for his or her favorite charity. Each of our participating celebrities will receive $5,000 towards their favorite charity --just for playing.

So what's Judy think? She told CNBC's Liz Claman that with a last name like Gold--she will probably be investing in gold. She did point out that since Chris Moneymaker's last name is what it is--she should be called Judy 'funny tall lady."

Well--on to her picks. She likes oil because of summer coming and and after being prompted by Liz she remembered her pick! Conoco Phillips Oil  . She also said she liked Apple  (because of the new iPod phone) but agreed that other celeb investors (Johnny Bench for one) like it as well.

Her charity is the --because as Judy says--she's against defamation! Makes sense.

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