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The Guys Advice On Tupperware, China Telecom & More


Question #1:
Faryl from NY says she owns a small fashion business here in the US, however, a significant portion of her manufacturing is done overseas, in emerging markets such as China. Since she’s in constant contact with clients and vendors overseas, how can he make fast money in a hot overseas telecom stock?

Tim Strazzini says the emerging markets space for telecom can be dicey. They all have different business models and susceptible to volatility in their home country. When markets are stable and going higher they can lead to fast money.

He says China Telecom (CHL) is his favorite, they’re mostly a mobile service provider and Mobile TeleSytems (MTS).

Question #2:
Myra from CT says she’s a BeautiControl Consultant and she’s been looking into Tupperware(TUP) stock, since BeautiControl is a subsidiary of Tupperware. She wants to know if this is a good time to invest in Tupperware or are there any other consumer goods companies worth considering?

Jeff Macke says Tupperware has been impervious to their numbers. They put up soft guidance but the stock didn’t dip and that’s a good sign. Jeff also recommends buying  Rubbermaid (NWL) – he thinks they have a little more potential for upside because the company has a wider and more diversified platform of products. Bottom line: Own both.

Question #3:
Tolland from Arkansas wants to know with the recent drop in Superior Industries (SUP) and WCI Communications(WCI) share price, should he load up the truck and buy more?

Guy Adami says Superior went from $16.5 to $23 in a couple months and WCI went from $19 to $24. These were fast trades but Guy thinks the trades are basically over. He says wait and buy Superior at a 19-handle and WCI at a 15.

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