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Trading With The Stars--More Portfolio Challenge Fun


We're adding some "star power" to the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge today. As a part of the challenge--we're pitting CNBC program against program and celebrity against celebrity to see who has the best stock-trading chops. We're calling it "Trading with the Stars."

Here's what's happening. Starting today--we're assigning a celebrity to each show ("Morning Call" and "Closing Bell" get two celebs each)  and the celebrity with the best-performing portfolio at the end of nine weeks wins $50,000 for his/her favorite charity. It's for show bragging rights and for a good cause.

Here's our line-up (apropos especially with our first celeb picker):

Squawk Box: Johnny Bench, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer and player for the Cincinnati Reds from 1963 to 1987.

Squawk on the Street: Chris Moneymaker, World Series of Poker champion.

Morning Call 10 am: Judy Gold, comedienne, Emmy-winner and host of HBO's "At the Multiplex with Judy Gold."

Morning Call 11 am: Stephen Collins, Emmy-winner, and star of WB's "7th Heaven.

Power Lunch: James Cromwell, Oscar-nominee for "Babe", and current star of Fox's "24."

Street Signs: Jonathan Tucker, current star of NBC's "The Black Donnellys" and soon to appear in Paul Haggis's latest movie with Charlize Theron.

Closing Bell 3 pm: Ernie Hudson, of "Ghostbusters" fame and recently starring in ABC's "Desperate Housewives."

Closing Bell 4 pm: Chris Gardner, CEO of Christopher Gardner Intl. Holdings and the author of "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Kudlow and Co: Lawrence O'Donnell, political analyst and consulting producer on NBC's "The West Wing."

On the Money: John Salley, member of NBA LA Lakers' 2000 championship team and current host of Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show Period."

We're going to hear from the celebs as we go along--so don't miss out on how they're doing. We'll have all the details right here in Million $ Buzz.

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