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Contest Update: New Leader Takes Over

Okay--here's a look at the current standings and what people are doing. Scott Wrynn is the first leader to have made a trade that lost money, though a small amount. His portfolio is worth $1,697,660.24 as of Monday's 4 pm close. His first trade on 3/5 was Fremont General and he went almost all-in buying 168,000 shares at $5.89 per share or $989,000. He sold out of the position on 3/7 at $8.53 making $443,520.

On 3/7 Scott bought 1,800 shares of CV Therapeutics at $9.40, and sold all 1800 on 3/12 at $9.33 losing $126.00. On 3/8 he went all-in on 520,144 shares of Crystallex Intl.   at $2.76, or $1,435,597.44. He sold all of his KRY holdings on 3/12 at $3.22 for a gain of $239,266.24. He has $15,000 in bonus bucks and is currently all in cash.

David Topham is #2 in leaderboard and the only difference between his portfolio and Scott Wrynn's-- is that he held onto FMT a day too long. His portfolio is valued at $1,668,451,49.

David bought FMT on 3/5, going all-in, but did not sell on 3/7 like Scott, but holding it until 3/8 and then sold at $8.34 vs $8.53 making 19 cents a share less for a gain of $237,492.94.

David made the same trade on 3/8 buying Crystallex Intl, all-in, but with less capital, and could only purchase 516,289 shares vs the 520,144 purchased by Scott. David also has $15,000 in bonus bucks. David is not all in cash - as he made a buy yesterday- 3/12-- all-in again on Fremont General but those results won't show up until after today's (Tuesday) close.

Nancy Beaumont's portfolios that were 1 - 3 on the leaderboard yesterday, but are now #3 - 6 and she has not made any changes to them. She is still all in cash, but she did accumulate another $3,000 in bonus bucks on her #3 portfolio which is now valued at $1,648,296.56.

Her # 3 portfolio still contains: All-in on Freemont General on 3/5 and selling out on 3/7 for a gain of $448,216.56, and an all-in trade on DaiEi, a Japanese supermarket chain that trades on NASDAQ as an ADR.

-The number 2 retail chain in Japan just announced it would take a 15% stake in DaiEI, and she bought at $27.50 and sold at $31 for a gain of $185,080

Nancy's portfolios #4 - 5 which were identical yesterday, are still identical, and she did NOT accumulate any bonus bucks on either portfolio today. Her total is the same as yesterday at $1,613,209.60. These portfolios still contain: All-in on Impac Mortgage which has been a favorite with not only Nancy but Jack Bell who topped the list "after the bell" last Tuesday, buying at $4.05 and selling at $5.75 for a gain of $419,752.10 and the same trade on DAIEY

Colleen Ellsworth and Greg Ballard still retain positions on the leader board, they were #4 and #5 respectively after Friday's close, and have moved to 7 and 9 respectively.

Here are the active stocks from Monday, 3/12:

Richter's Tickers

The top four stocks remain the same. Crystallex jumps up a spot with the top 2 leaders executing large transactions. Fremont General moves back into the top 10 while Level 3 falls from 6th to 10th. FYI- contest registrations to date: 276,546.

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