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Update: Today's Video Trivia And The "Right" Answer


We have some good news for those who answered today's video trivia question. As some of you found out, the answer to the "correct" video trivia question was entered incorrectly into the system today--meaning people who did actually guess the right answer were told they did not get it correct. Our Bad!

As a fix, we will be adding 2,000 Bonus Bucks to those of you who answered the question--whether you got a reply of "correct," or "incorrect."

The trivia question credit will run after 6:30 am, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning in coordination with the rules allowing people to respond to trivia up until 6 am the following day. Once again, all users who attempted to answer this video question will receive credit for it--and the Bonus Bucks.

Thanks and our apologies for any inconvenience. Now don't forget to spend those Bucks when they come in!

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