Weekly Portfolio Challenge Winners

First Portfolio Contest Weekly Winner Declared

Nancy Beaumont

The first weekly winner for the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is now in the books. It's Nancy Beaumont from Walnut Creek, California. Here are some quick facts on her:

- She is a Director of Counseling at Touro University in Vallejo,California
- She invests in the market for personal, not professional reasons
- Her strategy was "to buy small stocks"
- When asked "If you win the $1,000,000, what will be the first thing you do?", she said "Celebrate"
- Her favorite show it "The Apprentice"
- Her favorite sport is running outside
- As of the Friday close, she had a portfolio value of $1,645,296.56 or a weekly gain of 64.5%.

FYI-Nancy is now out of the running for the other 19 spots in the contest finals, scheduled to begin on May 14th.

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