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Update on Trading With The Stars-Who's Ahead?


Time to check in on our Trading With The Stars celebs and see where they stand. Overall their approach is a lot more conservative than the majority of our non-celeb leaders - more stable companies and purchases spread across multiple stocks, and it might end up being a race to see who can lose the least. Jonathan Tucker looks to be the most imaginative to date--as he seems to be embracing some of the risk tolerance that most of the non-celebs have.

The current leaderboard looks like this:

1-Chris Moneymaker with a portfolio value of $999,725
2-Stephen Collins--$983,052
3-James Cromwell--$975,490.43
4-Willie Garson--$973,141.40
5-Johnny Bench--$927,550.33

(not all celebs have traded yet)

Here's a closer look at what's going on. Johnny's portfolio is valued at $927,550.33, and as you can see, he s currently last among the celebrities who have traded prior to 3/13 (time to "hit" your way out of the bottom, Johnny). Chris Gardner, Ernie Hudson & Lawrence O'Donnell haven't traded yet and Jonathan Tucker and Judy Gold entered their first trades on Tuesday--so their gain/loss will not be calculated until after the close of today (Wednesday).

Here's a breakdown of sorts on what's happening for the stars and their shows (remember, the stars are playing for CNBC programs as well as themselves):

Chris Moneymaker( "Squawk on the Street") owns two stocks, Marvel and Apple for a total purchase of $184,490, and he has lost $2,275 after the close Tuesday for a total portfolio value of $997,725 and his in first place for the celebs that traded prior to 3/13.

Stephen Collins ("Morning Call" first hour)  has a portfolio valued at $983,052, and he is in second place. His picks are:
-Barr Pharma 
-Kinross Gold 

James Cromwell ("Power Lunch") has a portfolio valued at $975,490.43, and is in third place. His current picks are:
-Bank of America
-Countrywide Financial
-Valeant Pharma

Willie Garson ("On The Money") has a portfolio valued at $973,141.4 and is in 4th place. He owns:
-Randgold Resources
-Rite Aid

And--Here's Johnnnny ("Squawk Box")--might he be time to re-group:
-American Oriental Bioengineering
-Bruker BioSciences 
-Elan Corp 
-Fifth Third Bancorp
-Oneok Partners
-Gol Linhas Aereas
-Magellan Midstream 
-Apple Johnny added this on Tuesday and won't count towards until today's close.
-Crocs (same as above)

Jonathan Tucker ("Street Signs") entered the contest with a higher risk strategy, he bought almost $600K worth of stock, and his portfolio will still be valued at $1M because he entered his first trades today, & won't show gain/loss until after Wed close:
-Armor Holdings
-Sapient (by the way--on the actives for non-celebs competing)
-Seabridge Gold
-Flamel Tech  (has been part of some of the non-celeb leader portfolios)

Judy Gold Joined the fray on Tuesday, so her portfolio value will remain $1,000,000 until after Wednesday's close.

She bought:
-Newmont Mining

Once again, thanks to Gina Francolla for the stats.

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