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Street Fight! Herb Greenberg's Ready To Rumble


Round 1:
Herb lashes out at Jeff Macke for his recommendation of Cooper Tire (CTB).

On March 7, the Lone Wolf said the following about Cooper Tire: “These guys are cooking. It's hard to find trends like that they have working for them they look great.”

Herb goes ballistic saying the only reason Cooper had a good quarter was because Goodyear (GT) was on strike. The turnaround is priced into the stock and if investors want to own a tire company - own Goodyear, he says.

Jeff shot back someone is going to take these guys out. General Motors (GM) is selling more cars.

No, no, no, says Herb. GM isn’t buying Cooper Tires. "Everybody isn’t going to be acquired, Jeff!"

Dylan gives Round 1 to Jeff. But Herb still has time to redeem himself.

Round 2:
Next, Herb pummels Guy Adami on an energy play.

On March 7, Guy said, “Evergreen Solar (ESLR). If you think crude oil is going higher there is a good chance this stock will go higher as well. It’s the synthetic way to be long energy basically and there is a lot of leveraged buy-out chatter with this name as well.”

Herb went for the throat – more LBO chatter, he says. The only reason there’s LBO chatter is because BlackRock came in and bought a little stock. Guess what? BlackRock owns almost all the solar companies. And Evergreen has losses that will just get higher going into the next quarter.

Guy shot back that Evergreen has a proprietary silicon ribbon formula. There will be a 71,000 metric shortfall in silicon between now and 2010. These guys can make these wafers without as much silicon. And the stock has gone up 3%.

For the first time in Fast Money history, Eric Bolling agrees with Herb and consequently Dylan rules in Herb’s favor.

Round 3:
Next, Herb took aim at Tim Strazzini.

On March 14, the Risk Doctor said , “If you want some fun action that’s trade related, buy Countrywide Financial Corporation (CFC) because it’s heavily shorted. This company is another mortgage loan player. This stock is a great trading name, because it’s so shorted, if it goes up $1 dollar, it will be at $40 so fast.”

Herb went crazy. Why is the CEO selling this stock so fast? He can’t get rid of this stock fast enough! What you have to look at is the options ARMs that this company owns, Herb says.

Tim says that’s an old story. This was a trade for the next day, not a longer-term investment. And the stock was up the next day.

Dylan rules in favor of of the Risk Doctor – after all, he did say it was a day trade.

Round 4:
Instead of waiting for Herb to wind up and swing, Eric Bolling made the first move.

Eric is astounded that RIM (RIMM) is advertising on Herb’s blog. Eric says that’s hypocritical since last time Herb was on “Fast Money” he went off on RIM, arguing that Palm (PALM) was a better play.

Herb says there’s a fine line between advertising and editorial.

Herb is taking RIM’s money, Dylan says, yet he ridicules them on national television – and our web page! As always, Herb put up a good fight. Is there a doctor in the house?

Street Fight

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Street Fight

Trader disclosure:
On MAR 14, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders Macke Owns (JWN) Bolling Owns (DIS), (ICE), (NMX), Gold, Silver, Soybeans, is Short S&P Futures, is short Nasdaq Futures, is Short Corn