Million Dollar Buzz

Current Leader Holds But There's A New Number Two


Good morning all. Here's how the contest shapes up today. Chad Mazeika maintained the top spot in the leaderboard for the 2nd day in a row with a value of $1,912,396.75. Chad's gain from Thursday was based on his Zumiez trade and Bonus Bucks.

He bought Zumiez on 3/14 going all-in buying 48,265 shares shares at $36.21 per share for a trade worth $1,747,675.65 and sold out on 3/15 at $39.56 per share making $161,687.75. He has $22,000 in bonus bucks & referrals. He has a pending buy order for CMGI   going all-in, that will price with Friday's close.

Beth Ladd takes the #2 spot in the Leaderboard after hovering within the top 10 for a few days with a portfolio valued at $1,826,471.28. She has gone all-in on every trade, and has bought some shares we haven't heard much about to date.

She initially executed the SYKE trade on 3/5 as many leaders have, making $232,678. She bought Town Sports  on 3/6 all-in at $19.8799 and sold on 3/7 at $21.49 for a gain of $100,322.11. She bought Flamel  on 3/7 all-in at $30.01, selling her holdings on 3/8 at $30.25 for a gain of $10,732.78. Beth bought Newpark Resources on 3/8 all-in at $6.36 and sold it on 3/9 at $6.40 for a gain of $8,526.60.

Beth stepped it up again going all-in on CMGI gaining $64,341.60 when she sold out on 3/12. She and executed the same trade as Chad and Scott Wrynn with Jo-Ann Stores  on 3/12 for $22.88, but held it for an extra day selling on 3/14 for at $25.99 for a larger gain of $195,000.11. Chad and Scott sold out on 3/13 at $25.71.

Beth is currently holding Pep Boys which she bought all-in on 3/14 at $15.25, and it closed 3/15 at $17 for a gain of $187,915, and with her profits and bonus bucks on Thursday bought Morgans Hotel  at $19.17.

FYI--contest test registrations to date: 330,655.

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