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Actor Cromwell: "Interesting" Picks--Time For Advice

As of now, actor James Cromwell is currently in 6th place in "Trading With The Stars." Last Friday he had gained $10,510 to end the day at $994,231.01. As "Power Lunch" host Bill Griffeth said today James has the other celebs "right where he wants them." Maybe. With his "interesting" picks, (in other words, not so hot) James got some advice on PL from Keith Wirtz of Fifth Third Asset Management.

First, here's some of what James owns:
-Bank of America
-Countrywide Financial
-Valeant Pharma

Wirtz says James owns too much. He advises that James should sell some of his stocks including BofA, and recntly bought Target, Intuit and Whole Foods. James should have somewhere around 6-8 stocks according to Wirtz--among them Qwest, China Telecom and Starbucks (this is a popular pick among analysts right now. Wirtz says these stocks are poised for a quick run--and that's what's needed in a contest like this.

We'll see if James is listening!! (as well as the other celebs and non-celebs)

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