Million Dollar Buzz

New Contest Leader Breaks $2 Million Mark


Good morning all. We have a new leader as of the close on Friday 3/16. It's Vicario Domenico, with a portfolio value of $2,087,479.16, the first leader to break the $2 million threshold!!

Vicario relied heavily on Fremont General   , making a total of $1,031,357.84. Half of his portfolio value is on several trades of FMT beginning on 3/5 at $5.89 through his current holding of FMT which he purchased at $6.18, and he still holds it at Friday's close of $8.90 per share. He also bought Golden Star   for a gain of $62,188.20 but he lost $16,000 on CMGI.

Chad Mazeika the former leader also lost first due to his all-in gamble on CMGI   which lost him money buying it on Thursday at $1.92, and it closed down at $1.88.

This trade cost Chad first place in the leader board, and he is now 4th on the leaderboard with a total value of $1,944,536.42.

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