Mad Money

On the Phone with Jones Soda CEO Peter Van Stolk


Jones Soda is a small company, founded by Peter van Stolk in 1986. Cramer got behind the stock a while ago, and he hasn’t been disappointed. The company just reported an outstanding quarter, so Cramer got van Stolk on the phone to get some insight.

Van Stolk says a lot of Jones’ success comes from a change in strategy. The soda had been tied in directly with Target stores, but, starting this summer, consumers will be able to find Jones everywhere from Safeway to Costco to Wal-Mart .

Cramer doesn’t get why Wall Street hasn’t gotten wise to Jones. There’s only a few analysts that cover the stock even though its up almost 40% year-to-date and 150% over the last 12 months. “I think you’re going to be the next thing in soda,” Cramer tells van Stolk.

Van Stolk says he’s pleased with his company, but he still thinks they have to prove themselves to the Street. No way, Cramer says. JDSA posted one of the best quarters he has seen, and that should be enough to prove to anyone that this company is serious and it’s got a stock worth buying.

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