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Celeb Hudson Makes Move-Bench Out of Cellar!

Ernie Hudson

Wow--did actor Ernie Hudson made a move or what Wednesday in "Trading With The Stars." He's now in 2nd place after making the biggest climb of any celeb trader so far. Ernie moved 5 places after being in 7th just the day before. How did he do it? Seems he sold all he had and is now strictly in cash. Will that strategy hold? Remains to be seen. Oh--and perhaps even more important--Hall of Famer Johnny Bench is OUT of last place! He moved from 10th to 9th, as actor Willie Garson switched places with him. Way to go Johnny. Now, can 8th place be far behind??!!

Jonathan Tucker still holds the top spot, with Stephen Colllins in 3rd. Chris Moneymaker fell out of the number two spot--and fell to 4th. Here's the list..

1. Jonathan Tucker: $1,066,060.00 +25,455 +2.45%
No Transactions Today
Added $1,000 in Bonus Bucks

2. Ernie Hudson: $1,051,967.06 +42,077.14 +4.17%
Sold out of ADBE
Sold out of AUY
Sold out of GFI
Sold out of ORCL
Sold out of HMY
Sold out of SLW
He's all in cash!!

Richter's Tickers

3. Stephen Collins: $1,051,226.88 +24,693.24 +2.41%
No Transactions Today
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks

4. Chris Moneymaker: $1,039,610.00 +10,665 +1.04%
Buy 16,000 TLVT
Sold out of COGO

Richter's Tickers

5. James Cromwell: $1,037,246.66 +21,364.10 +2.10%
No Transactions Wednesday
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks

6. Judy Gold: $1,020,180.00 +10,190 +1.01%
Buy 2,000 ED
Buy 2,000 GRMN

Richter's Tickers

7. Chris Gardner: $1,018,360.00 +8,100 +0.8%
No Transactions Wednesday

8. Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,018,360.00 +800 +0.08%
No Transactions Wednesday

9. Johnny Bench: $990,067.20 +14,682.89 +1.51%
No Transactions Wednesday

10. Willie Garson: $970179.20 -18,907.20 -1.91%
Buy 158,785 EGO

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