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Investment Guru: "Treasuries Will Perform"

Robert Kessler has some strong opinions about stocks and bonds -- and he's not shy about sharing them. The president of Kessler Companies told CNBC's Erin Burnett that it's a "very exciting period" for Treasuries.

Speaking on "Street Signs," Kessler agreed with Burnett's assertion that T-bills can be a "very sexy investment," with the potential for 20% returns. The investment advisor explained that Treasuries "work simply," reacting "almost directly" when rates go up or down.

Bond Market

Kessler chides many investors who "don't see Treasuries as an asset class," but rather "as a proxy to stocks." His firm reports that when construction payrolls sink, average annualized returns for the S&P 500 are 9.76% -- while the Treasury Composite Index averages 12.02%.

Back to rates: Kessler opined that the housing situation may actually bring about a "hard landing," but that "the worry today is about unemployment." He maintains that if construction unemployment continues edging up, "the Fed will react." But there's a bright side: Kessler declared that rate cuts may help or hinder stock prices -- but "lower rates mean Treasuries will perform." Period.