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Lightning Round for Friday, March 23


Cleveland-Cliffs : “Cheap, cheap, cheap!” This company makes iron pellets, and there is a worldwide shortage of iron, Cramer says. He believes if CLF does not get their stock higher they will be purchased by another company, perhaps even CVRD.

Vodafone Group : “Cramer supported this stock when it was at $25, but it has only been up $2 since then. However, he likes the 3% yield and the company’s vast European assets. He says it’s a buy.

Boston Scientific : “We pulled the trigger and told people to sell at $18 … I still don’t like BSX down here at $15!” : Cramer just can’t trust the Chinese to allow a free-speech internet company to continue to prosper, which is why he refuses to endorse Baidu. “I still regard them as communists … the Chinese are not friends of the U.S.A. I’m sorry to break it to people,” he says.

Pozen : The stock has been “too dicey ever since they did that migraine game.” In biotech, there are three stocks Cramer recommends: Celgene , Gilead and Genzyme .

Infosys Technologies : This is one of Cramer’s favorite outsourcing companies. Infosys does it better than anyone, “but if you don’t want that, you can always do Accenture ahead of next week’s quarter, which I think will be good.”

Six Flags : Cramer says, “They reported a quarter that everyone said was bad, but the stock didn’t blink.” He gives SIX the thumbs-up and would pull the trigger.

Sun Microsystems : Cramer has historically disliked this stock. He didn’t like it at $70, $60, $50, $40, $30, $20, $15, $10 … but now at $6 and with a new CEO he will endorse it.

Indevus Pharmaceuticals : Cramer recommended this stock last year. He won’t push it hard – it’s just a little $6 stock, and it has a lot of compounds. But it’s a speculative play, and he’ll give it a shot.

Apple : One of the only tech stocks Cramer is willing to get behind right now. “If it’s going to $100 and beyond, I don’t think $93 is a bad level,” he says. He thinks the iPhone is being understated as a great product, and with Nokia and Motorola reeling he doesn’t want to be in anything other than Apple when it comes to this group.

Amgen : Cramer recommended this stock once and got it wrong. But he’s going to go with the advice of a colleague and recommend buying it where it is now with a minimum risk/reward.

Lightning Round

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