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Lazard Researcher Picks "Big Four" Stocks

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J. Scott Applewhite

If you want to attend a Final Four hoops matchup, it'd help to have lots of money. And one way to make some loot might be to follow Paul Noglows' stock-investment advice. The director of research at Lazard Capital Markets named a quartet of companies that just might turn out to be wildcard winners.

Joining "Squawk on the Street," Noglows called solar-cell manufacturer Sunpower "more efficient" than its rivals -- and declares, "this isn't a fad -- this is for real." He sees the alternative-energy firm rising some 44%, with a price target of $60.

A more traditional buy would be Pozen. The researcher told CNBC's Erin Burnett that the pharmaceuticals company has a migraine drug due for FDA review in August -- which could create a "billion-dollar opportunity."

Final Four Stocks

Liquidity Services is an Internet-based surplus-goods marketplace; Noglows praised it as "an eBay for business-to-business" transactions.

Meanwhile, back to the "old-economy," with a trendy twist: Noglows pointed to Deckers, which he expects to enjoy an 18% gain. He praises the clothier for expanding its ultra-chic Uggs line from a strictly winter boot to a year-'round fashion must.

Four For Four?

[Full disclosure: The analyst's employer, Lazard Capital Markets, has significant ownership of shares in Liquidity Services; and Lazard makes markets in Sunpower, Pozen, Liquidity Services and Deckers.]