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A Chat With Syntax-Brillian CEO Vincent Sollitto

Syntax-Brillian is a leading designer, developer and distributor of high-definition TVs, LCDs and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) formats. According to Chairman and CEO Vincent Sollitto, the business is "booming." The company recently moved into Target, and that could bode well for the guidance update it expects to give during the first or second week in April after it reports the quarter. Sollitto says BRLC is enjoying strong demand as a result of a key marketing campaign and great reviews from both consumers and the trade media.


But which will win, LCD or LCoS, in the battle of high-quality displays? In terms of sheer volume, that contest will go to LCDs, Sollitto says. LCoS is more for 60-inch and 70-inch screens used in home theaters.

"LCDs are just so pervasive ... I mean, we're putting TVs in places we never had them before ... I've got one in my kitchen now," Sollitto says.

And don't think that the waning housing market is going to affect this company, the CEO says. If anything, home owners are looking to upgrade and remodel, and that often entails adding big-screen TVs. "We're seeing a tremendous amount of movement in the home theater market, and I think it's a great time for us," Sollitto says.

Cramer likes the stock but won't give it two thumbs up - it's just too speculative.

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