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Celeb Cromwell--Turning Into Stock Trading Machine!


Most of our celebs had a slow day Monday, but James Cromwell "has been a machine" as someone said. Not only is he buying stocks, he's putting those bonus bucks to work--something the other celebs--and you non-celebs should be using to your advantage. Willie Garson used them to put Johnny Bench back in last place. THEY DO ADD UP! So here's a look at the celeb standings as of Monday's close.

FYI-the bonus bucks from Monday's trivia questions have not been added yet. You'll see the name, portfolio value and dollar/percentage gain.

1. Stephen Collins: $1,080,359.20 +$7,943.84 +0.74%
No Transactions Monday

2. Jonathan Tucker: $1,069,625.00 +$345.00 +0.03%
No Transactions Monday

3. Chris Moneymaker: $1,049,937.77 +$5,835.69 +0.56%
No Transactions Monday

4. James Cromwell: $1,039,448.26 -1801.5 -0.17%
Bought 10,000 Shares of SunOpta
Bought 15,000 Shares of Evergreen Solar
Sold 7,000 Shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
Bought 7,000 Shares of Interface 
Sold 50 Shares of American International Group
Sold 2,000 Shares of Bank of America
Sold 1,700 Shares of Intuit (
Sold 3,000 Shares of Reuters - Multiple trades in Reuters have been James' biggest gains to date bringing him $13K
Bought 1,000 Shares of Kyrocera
Bought 1,000 Shares of Starbucks
Bought 10,000 Shares of LeapFrog Enterprises
Sold 500 Shares of Toyota Motor

5. Ernie Hudson: $1,038,790.23 UNCH
Bought 270,000 Shares of Coeur D Alene Mines

6. Judy Gold: $1,030,070.00 +$5,250.00 +0.51%
No Transactions Monday

7. Chris Gardner: $1,012,180.00 + $80.00 +0.01%
No Transactions Monday

8. Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,003,144.00 + $1,094.00 +0.11%
No Transactions Monday

9. Willie Garson: $999,169.62 +$5,172.67 +0.52%
Sold 6,000 Shares of Imclone
Bought 10,000 Shares of Foot Locker (

10. Johnny Bench: $995,359.52 +$6,408.12 +0.65%
No Transactions Monday

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