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Ryan Stackman: "Picking Stocks No One Else Did"

Ryan Stackman

Ryan Stackman is 23 years old, just out of college and never won anything before--but he's now our third weekly winner for the contest and has won $10,000--and qualified for the finals. Quite an accomplishment. I spoke with him by phone today and he says he's happy but surprised he became a weekly winner. His family and girlfriend share in both feelings.

As we said, Ryan is a stockbroker so he's got some knowledge of the "business." He grew up in Pennsylvania, but graduated from Flagler College in the beautiful coastal town of St. Augustine, Florida (the oldest city in the U.S. as Ryan pointed out).

As for his contest Ryan said he just heard about it and decided to give it a try. His strategy? Ryan said he followed earnings and conference calls to pick the stocks he did. He said "I looked for stocks that no one else was looking for." Ryan says he pretty much stuck to his own picks--but he did buy FMT   for a day, after seeing so many others did.

As for the finals, Ryan says he plans a different strategy--but is still putting together just what that strategy will be. He's studying now, reading books and gathering all the knowledge he can. He says he'd naturally like to win the finals--and if he does--do some traveling and then put some money away for his future--(which at his age should be a long one. Just look at that picture).

Congrats to Ryan as the contest's third weekly winner! FYI--see Ryan interviewed today at 1:30 pm EST on "Power Lunch."

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