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Stackman On Power Lunch--Today's Trivia Questions

Ryan Stackman

Ryan Stackman was busy today. He talked to me by phone (see earlier posts--on interviewand his specific stock strategy) and then appeared on "Power Lunch" to talk about being the third weekly winner in the Million Dollar Portfolio contest. CNBC's Bill Griffeth asked him about some of his picks--specifically CMGI   And Adams Respiratory .

As for Adams, Ryan said he noticed a drop in the stock on Friday (the week before last) and then it was upgraded on the following Monday. (good idea to keep track of upgrades if you can.)

Also, the video segment below has today's trivia questions (those bonus bucks do come in handy)

1. Which telecom company signed an agreement with Wachovia to offer mobile banking through cell phones?
2. Which Asian stock market had it's 5th record breaking day on Tuesday? (Go here to select the answers to both questions)

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