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CarMax, Valhi-TIMET Stock Owners--Please Read


Hey folks, please read this post on the split of CarMax and the special stock dividend between Valhi and Titanium Metals. For holders of CarMax, you will have your portfolio's adjusted. We also will adjust for the special stock dividend 'spin-off' between Valhi and Titanium Metals. Thanks you for your patience and cooperation, as several of you have written in today on these stocks.

Here's the text of the emails going out to contestants on what will happen. Emails will be sent to those holding the specific stocks. The first is for CarMax and the second is for Valhi/Titanium Metals.

Dear Contestants,
CarMax (KMX) executed a 2-for-1 split effective 3/27/07, and your share amounts were not adjusted in your portfolios though the change in price has been reflected. The adjustments to your share values and total portfolio value will be corrected after the close on Wednesday 3/28/07.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Contestants,
Valhi (VHI) issued a spin-off in the form of a special stock dividend where each shareholder of Valhi stock will receive .4776 shares of TIMET for each share of Valhi common stock owned, and cash in lieu of any resulting fractional share of TIMET common stock.

Contestants that sold Valhi (VHI) effective 3/27/07 will see the shares sold at the price of $13.95, however that does not take into account the value of TIMET and should have been sold at the value of $31.29. Therefore, the difference of $17.34 per share in cash will be added back to your portfolio after the close on Wednesday, 3/28/07.

Contestants who hold Valhi (VHI) as of 3/27, will see the change in price for Valhi, but will not see the added TIMET shares until after the close on 3/28/07.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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