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Deborah Taft Still On Top--But New Number Two


Good morning. Deborah Taft continues in the lead with a portfolio value of $2,582,726.3, up $366,000 Tuesday, from Monday's value of $2,216,726.30.
Deborah's gamble on the ever-active CV Therapeutics paid off and secured her lead position. She went all in on Monday with a buy of 300,000 shares of CVTX at $6.75, and it looks like she caught a bottom, selling out of the position today at $7.96 for a gain of $363,000, and with her bonus bucks her current gain comes to $366K.

Her biggest portfolio gains continue to be in the popular Fremont General which she sold out of completely on 3/21. She also made $23,062.62 or 1.05% on buying and selling 164,733 shares of Elan Pharma .(Chad Mazeika regained the #2 spot with a portfolio value of $2,128,463.37, not due in large part to an outstanding trade, but to the fact that Ken Guillory, Monday's #2 in the leaderboard might have held Sonus too long.

Friday, Ken went all in on Sonus Networks which ended up closing down 4.43% to $8.20 from Monday's close of $8.58. Ken's portfolio value fell from $2,170,494.10 on Monday night to $2,077,499.43 after Tuesday's close on the Sonus loss, even though it is still up from the $8.03 he bought it at, he has reduced his profit.

Here's the current top twenty with their portfolio values:

1. Deborah Taft           $2,582,726.30
2. Chad Mazeika            2,128,463.37
3. Marty Daly                2,091,133.92 
4. Ken Guillory               2,077,499.43
5. Kris Rene                  2,045,680 50
6. Jason Farhamy          2,044,910.10 
7. Jason Kaplan             2,010,920.27
8. Shyler Engel              2,007,858.94
9. James Meisner           2,005,518.11
10. Chris Humphrey        2,004,596.60
11. Maheshwari Gupta    1,993,899.35
12. Hosein K Ghasemian  1,993,528.54
13. Barry Chin               1,982,663.39
14. Steven Paul             1,972,179.88
15. Tung Li                   1,968.420.70
16. Heddy Halimin          1,961,875.51
17. Barry Dressler          1,956,089.52
18. Joe Dondero            1,940,848.05
19. Anthony Tu             1,940,127.77
20. Philip McKibbin         1,934,150.00 

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