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Helpful Hints For Stock Contest Players


Thought we'd pass along some links that might be of interest to contest investors and that you might not know about. Some are from CNBC, (not too surprising I trust) and a few others. The contest's third weekly winner, Ryan Stackman, said he paid attention to business news in thinking about his stock picks.

For tech updates, you might check out Jim Goldman's blogfor the latest in that sector. For real estate (certainly with the subprime issue) go to Diana Olick's Realty Check posts. Phil La Beau covers the auto industry in Behind The Wheel. Mike Huckman covers health care/pharmaceuticals in Pharma's Market. And Julia Boorstin covers the media in her Media Money posts.

Here are other links we've posted before that are of help. Again, these suggestions are just that and not the only ones. If you have others you'd like to pass on to us, send them by email. Some may require subscription or registration.

Financial news:
(courtesy of our "Mad Money" friend, Jim Cramer)
General business:
Economic calendars and reports:
Earnings calendars and reports:

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