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Pop Trade: Wrestling


Two of the most charismatic and dynamic business personalities square off this weekend when billionaire bad boy Vince McMahon attempts to smack down Donald Trump in “WrestleMania 23”. The ultimate prize will be at stake - their hair, with the loser agreeing to have his head shaved on live TV. And while fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of this ego extravaganza, investors want to know when Vince, the WWE Chairman, will get his stock out of a sleeper hold?

Dylan Ratigan shows a clip of Donald Trump slapping Vince McMahon, and the WWE CEO joins the guys for the conversation via satellite.

Dylan first asks about the WWE share price.

Mr. McMahon says the stock price is languishing because the company hasn’t told its story, well, to Wall Street. Mr. McMahon explains it’s a unique brand and a global brand.

Dylan asks about growth prospects.

Mr. McMahon says 25% of revenues come from outside the U.S.  He says World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is everywhere except Russia.

Dylan asks if he’s worried about Ultimate Fighting as competition for pay-per-view dollars.

Mr. McMahon says no. He’s in the star-building intellectual property building and says Ultimate Fighting is a sport, which makes it different.

Jeff Macke asks about the run rate of WrestleMania.

Mr. McMahon says he expects 1.5 million viewers on April 1st.

Guy Adami says YouTube is cannibalizing the WWF audience and asks what his company is doing about that?

Mr. McMahon says he’s in business with them and sees an income stream from YouTube in the future.

After the interview, Jeff Macke says if the WWF gets 1.5 million buys on April 1st for it's Pay-Per-View event, the stock will go higher. 

Guy Adami says he’d own the stock for the dividend.

Pop Trade: Wrestling

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