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Battle Brewing For Top Spot On Leaderboard


Good morning. Deborah Taft and Chad Mazeika maintain their stranglehold on the two top positions of the Leaderboard. Deborah continues in the lead with a portfolio value of $2,585,726.30 up $3k from Tuesday's total of $2,582,726.3 on bonus bucks alone. After Deborah's trade on CVTX  she was all in cash before executing two buys Wednesday that will show a gain/loss after Thursday's close.

As of the close on Wednesday, Deborah purchased 135,000 shares of Elan again at $13.54, and 18,000 shares of Arena Pharma   at $10.78. The performance of these two stocks today, could make or break Deborah's hold on the first position.

Deborah's gamble on the ever-active CV Therapeutics paid off. She went all in on Monday with a buy of 300,000 shares of CVTX at $6.75, and it looks like she caught a bottom, selling out of the position today at $7.96 for a gain of $363,000, and with her bonus bucks her current gain comes to $366K.

Chad Mazeika maintains the #2 spot with a portfolio value of $2,260,613.37 up $132,150 from Tuesday's total of $2,128,463.37. Chad gains on Deborah based off gains on his trade of HB Fuller   which he bought 45,000 shares on 3/27 at $25.53 and sold out on 3/28 at $28.40 for a gain of $129,150 - which accounts for his gain from Tuesday, plus $3K in bonus bucks. This trade was the second best trade by % gain yesterday. Chad is gunning for the top position with buys of 40,000 shares of Mariner Energyat $18.60 and 37,610 shares of Sonic  at $21.48.

Contest registrations to date: 468,085

Here's the top twenty and their portfolio values:

1. Deborah Taft                   $2,585,726.30
2. Chad Mazeika                    2,260,613.37
3. Jason Kaplan                     2,239,978.65
4. Chris Humphrey                  2,232,946.13
5. Ken Guillory                       2,105,834.09
6. Garry McNamee                  2,051,153.00
7. Kris Rene                          2,046,680.00
8. Barry Dressler                    2,033,117.02
9. Shyler Engel                      2,013,958.94 
10. James Meisner                  2,010,221.53
11. Tung Li                           2,004,227.59
12. Evan Scherer                   2,000,129.51 
13. Maheswari Gupta              1,996,899.35
14. Hosein K. Ghasemian         1,993,528.54
15. Salvatore Colonna            1,992,061.47
16. Tom Barrus                     1,982,923.98
17. Marty Daly                      1,973,159.36
18. James Kraber                   1,942,856.94  
19. Philip McKibbin                 1,934,150.00
20. Harry Moy                       1,932,354.52 


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