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Contest Recap And Trivia Questions For Today


Hi folks. Here's our look at the "Power Lunch" recap of the contest leaderboard and the most active stocks. There's also the trivia questions written out here, so be sure and go to the contest page and click on Bonus Bucks to give your answers. They can come in real handy as the contest moves along.

Contest registrations to date: 468,085

Here's the top twenty and their portfolio values:
1. Deborah Taft                   $2,585,726.30
2. Chad Mazeika                    2,260,613.37
3. Jason Kaplan                     2,239,978.65
4. Chris Humphrey                  2,232,946.13
5. Ken Guillory                       2,105,834.09
6. Garry McNamee                  2,051,153.00
7. Kris Rene                          2,046,680.00
8. Barry Dressler                    2,033,117.02
9. Shyler Engel                      2,013,958.94 
10. James Meisner                  2,010,221.53
11. Tung Li                           2,004,227.59
12. Evan Scherer                   2,000,129.51 
13. Maheswari Gupta              1,996,899.35
14. Hosein K. Ghasemian         1,993,528.54
15. Salvatore Colonna            1,992,061.47
16. Tom Barrus                     1,982,923.98
17. Marty Daly                      1,973,159.36
18. James Kraber                   1,942,856.94  
19. Philip McKibbin                 1,934,150.00
20. Harry Moy                       1,932,354.52 

Most Actives as of the close on 3/28:
Crystallex International
Technical Olympics USA
Oilsands Quest
Fremont General
Rio Narcea Gold Mines
CV Therapeutics

The video question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks:
Citrus farmers are having a comeback year. Which is the largest grapefruit shipper in Florida?

The news question is worth: $1,000 Bonus Bucks:
Starbucks is teaming up with AmRest Restaurant group to expand into what country?

Go here to select your answers-- and click on the Bonus Bucks link on the left hand navigation.

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