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Celeb Collins Building Lead In "Trading With Stars"

Stephen Collins

Actor Stephen Collins continues to make solid gains each day--and he's very consistent in adding $3,000 a day in Bonus Bucks (so that's why we put in his picture). His strategy is paying off as he builds his lead in "Trading With The Stars." Actor Ernie Hudson is making some buys and sells as is Hall of Famer Johnny Bench--who's still in 9th place, but at least he's staying out of the cellar--ahead of actor Willie Garson, who's also busy with the buys and sells.

Here's video of Stephen from today's "Morning Call" appearance:

The leaderboard has looked the same over the past few days, with some stars making gains on a buy and hold strategy for now.

#1 Stephen Collins: $1,092,431.36 up $7,863.78 + 0.73%
Sold 1,010 Shares of Odyssey Re
Sold 1,870 Shares of Oneok
Bought 580 Shares of NRG Energy
Bought an additional 100 Shares of AT&T
Bought 325 Shares of Zimmer Holdings

Richter's Tickers

#2 Jonathan Tucker: $1,073,360 up $315 +0.03%
No transactions
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks

#3 Chris Moneymaker: $1,060,167.35 up $2,839.88 +0.27%
No Transactions Today
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks

#4 Judy Gold: $1,014,620.00 down $2,860 - 0.28%
No Transactions Today

#5 James Cromwell: $1,012,598.51 up $237.50 + 0.02%
No transactions today
Added $3,000 in bonus bucks

#6 Chris Gardner: $1,004,960.00 down $520 -0.05%
No transactions today

#7 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,000,86 down $677 -0.07%
No Transactions Today

#8 Ernie Hudson: $986,241.91 down $12,974.64 -1.30% (Has been very active over the last few days)
Sold out of Tibco at a loss of $10,250
Sold out of Red Hat at a loss of $2,100
Sold out of Crystallex Intl for a slight gain of $375.36
Sold out of CKE Restaurants for a loss of $4K
Bought 58,392 shares of Angiodynamics at $16.89

Richter's Tickers

#9 Johnny Bench: $980,252.22 down $5,658.32 -0.57% and he makes the first trades since 3/12
Sold out of Bruker BioSciences at a gain of $5,700
Sold out of Chevron for a gain of $2,118.69
Sold out of Elan for a gain of $4,600
Sold out of Fifth Third Bancorp for a loss of $6,120
Sold out of Oneok Partners for a gain of $1,400
Sold out of Gol Linhas Aereas for a gain of $3.53
Sold out of Magellan Midstream for a gain of $14,750 for his best $ gain to date
Bought 5,000 shares of UnitedHealth at $52.97
Bought 30,000 shares of CKX Inc at $11.10
Of his holdings American Oriental Bioengineering, though up slightly today still continues to be his biggest $ loss costing him $42,200

Richter's Tickers

#10 Willie Garson: $965,694.36 down $10,390.70 -1.06%
Sold out of Technical Olympics USA at a loss of $10,705.34
Sold out of Accenture at a gain of $9,080, though the gain was narrowed by today's 0.36% drop in ACN
Bought 95,803 Shares of Ligand Pharmaceuticals at $10.08
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks

Richter's Tickers

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