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John Tepichin's Weekly Winning "Play"

How did John Tepichin wind up a weekly winner? Here's what happened. On Friday, 3/30, Joe Zheng's #1 and #2 portfolios were unseated allowing John to take the top spot and win the weekly prize. On Thursday, John had been in third place. John's portfolio gained 64.02% in one week beginning with the Biosite trade that gained him $595,855.47 or 51.32% on Beckman's agreeing to buy Biosite for $85 per share.

After Biosite, John was fairly conservative buying the NYSE Group three times for a total gain of $56,357.77, and Insituform for a gain of $65,617.40. He was all in on another buy of the NYSE Group at $93.75

Joe Zheng's #1 portfolio as of Thursday with Global Payments that fell 13.05% fell out of the to 10 altogether, and Joe's #2 portfolio fell to 4th place from 2nd on the Cognos trade which ended up down 1.40% today.

Richter's Tickers

Weekly Winner Standings for John T:
Name                       Portfolio                    Rank                     Gain
John Tepichin        $1,729,830.64                  1                  64.0188733%
James Kraber          1,817,167.56                  2                  58.8983548%
James Kraber          1,316,914.62                  3                  58.3065173%
Joe Zheng              1,626,874.04                  4                  57.2822911%
James Kraber          1,698,257.11                  5                  56.4893577%
James Kraber          1,264,110.54                  6                  53.8357407%
Kerry Bruner           1,885,988.09                  7                  53.3001159%
James Kraber          1,582,320.48                  8                  52.597644%
Jeffrey Kagan         1,746,263.11                  9                  52.4940997%
Paul Alen               1,516,249.63                 10                  51.624963%

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