Million Dollar Buzz

Leaders: Names Remain Same But Positions Change


The universe of the top 20 leaders by total portfolio value has remained the same since Wednesday, but the order has changed. Deborah continues to hold the first position, though she is losing ground. The big upset happened within the #2 spot. Jason Kaplan gained 2nd place Thursday only to lose it gambling on earnings with an all-in trade on Global Payments which dropped 13.05% today, for the worst performing trade within our contest list. Jason currently resides in 6th place.

Jason opened the door for Parker Robinson to take the #2 spot with a stellar trade on Checkpoint , the best performing trade of the day, within the contest universe, which gained 18.78%.

Deborah adds to her top spot with a total portfolio value of $2,576,876.30 up $3,000 from $2,573,876.30 Thursday on bonus bucks only. Deborah remains all in cash.

Parker Robinson soared from #20 to #2 gaining $364,336.36 for a total portfolio value of $2,288,902.02. He gained $361,336.36 on the Checkpoint Systems trade which he bought all-in on Thursday and sold out of Friday with a gain of 18.78% and he added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks. He is currently all-in on XM Satellite   which has so far gained him 9.31%.

This weekend we crossed the half million mark on the number of portfolios that have been registered for the contest: 504,660

Name                                  Portfolio Value
1. Deborah Taft                      $2,576,876.30
2. Parker Robinson                    2,288,902.02
3. Chris Humphrey                    2,287,720.29 
4. Chad Mazeika                       2,276,450.02
5. Ken Guillory                          2,159,988.52
6. Jason Kaplan                        2,074,727.53
7. Maheshwari Gupta                 2,050,428.79
8. Evan Scherer                       2,035,924.29
9. Kris Rene                             2,032,960.00
10. Barry Dressler                     2,031,932.02
11. James Meisner                    2,029,711.27
12. Anthony Tu                        1,983,601.73
13. Tung Li                              1,980,535.33
14. Joe Dondero                       1,969,454.69
15. Garry McNamee                  1,960,623.50
16. Laura Boone                       1,946,581.15
17. Philip McKibbin                    1,934,150.00
18. Jaime Gerth                        1,931,524.09
19. Serge Amelyan                    1,930,259.90
20. Heddy Halimin                     1,921,388.85

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