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Webcast Analyst Stock Picks For Contest


Here's more from today's webcast, "How To Win the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge." In this video clip, we here from two analysts--Art Hogan from Jefferies & Company and Joseph Biondo from the Biondo Growth Fund--he's a portfolio manager. They talked with CNBC's Dylan Ratigan after Dylan spoke with weekly winner #4-John Tepichin (see earlier post).

How to Win the Million $ Challenge, Pt. 2

Both men gave some stock suggestions for the contest. Art likes Hologic  and HTI . Joe says the subprime market is a good place to bottom fish--that is finding stocks that are down that could be headed up. He suggested LEND  and he also said Midway Games   and Sirius Satellite  (a current favorite among contest traders) are also good.

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