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Stock Doctor: "Don't Under Estimate Yourself"


You might call Dr. Ari Kiev, head doctor to the traders. He's a psychiatrist and regular guest on "How To Win." On the show last Friday, the good doctor said people are more than likely under estimating their ability when it comes to winning the contest. He even managed to throw in a quote from Nelson Mandela to prove his point!

Besides Dr. Kiev, stock analysts Brett Arends and Timothy Sykes gave some of their stock selections in this video clip. Arends, a regular on "On The Money" said the contest is a little more "risky" than he likes to be, but he said stocks like ITT, U.S. Steel and IPSCO might help contest investors. While Timothy said PMCS, BIDU and Tupperware,--yes Tupperware--are good picks.

How to Win a Million Dollars Pt. 4

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