Million Dollar Buzz

Moneymaker Tops Trading With The Stars!


Wow-there were a lot of big gains Tuesday, and many of our celebs came from behind to move up the ranks. Chris Moneymaker stepped it up taking the lead with an all-in buy of Gigamedia  Monday, netting him over $47,000, Tuesday (and for being first, Chris gets his picture posted). And Ernie Hudson moved from 8th to 6th, AND Johnny Bench moves up two spots from 9th to 7th. At last (and no longer close to last) Johnny's making his move!! Here are the standings:

#1 Chris Moneymaker: $1,114,194.18 up $50,141.01 +4.71%
No Transactions Tuesday
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Gigamedia Limited , his only holding, was up 4.43% today netting him over $47K Tuesday, and allowing him to take the lead.

#2 Stephen Collins: $1,107,232.44 up $11,476.68 +1.05%
Bought 490 Shares of Volvo .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#3 Jonathan Tucker: $1,085,170.00 up 5,745.00 +0.53%
No Transactions Tuesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
All holding were up slightly Tuesday except for Seabridge Gold .

#4 James Cromwell: $1,033,063.76 up $18,428.25 +1.82%
No Transactions Tuesday.
His biggest gains were made on Evergreen Solar and Kyocera which each made him over $2,000 Tuesday.

#5 Judy Gold: $1,025,170.00 +4,120.00 +0.40%
No Transactions Tuesday.
All of her holdings were up slightly Tuesday except for ConocoPhillips .

#6 Ernie Hudson: $1,018,437.91 + $22,188.96 +2.23%
No Transactions Tuesday.
Angiodynamics , his only holding was up 2.23% Tuesdsay making Ernie another $22K and propelling him from 8th to 6th and above the $1 million mark.

#7 Johnny Bench: $1,016,902.22 +$31,550.00 +3.2%
No Transactions Tuesday.
He gained on CKX Inc. which was up 6.78% Tuesday and United Health which was up 1.64%, propelled him from 9th to 7th and allowed him to break the million dollar mark.

#8 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,007,109.00 +$6,294.00 +0.63%
No transactions Tuesday.
All of his holdings were up Tuesday. His biggest gain was in Google up 3.07%.

#9 Chris Gardner: $1,006,500.00 +1,620.00 +0.16%
No Transactions Tuesday.
All of his holdings were up slightly Tuesday except for Itron Inc .

#10 Willie Garson: $989,766.47 + $29,694.38 +3.09%
Bought 30,000 Shares of Robbins & Myers Inc .   
Sold 923,146 Shares of Revlon , which was up 2.88% Tuesday and netted him over $27K
Added $2,000 in Bonus Bucks. Willie is now all-in on Robbins & Myers.

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