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The Digital Revolution

On “Fast Money,” we've told you about the trends that are going to impact your portfolio - from the digital revolution to the water crisis, we've had you covered. But now we’re taking it a step further. We’re running the book.

Here's how it works:
The "book" starts with our guys’ favorite themes and trends that can make you money. The guys will debate the sharpest plays in the space and together agree upon 1 stock and only 1 stock that is, consequently, added to the book.

Here we go:

Running the Book

On Monday, Dylan named Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) the winner of Fast Money Madness – a month-long competition among 64 stocks that ended by making BRK:A the show's favorite stock. But at $108,000 per share, it's a bit pricey.

In fact a viewer writes and asks: For those of us in the "cheap seats", how do you feel about BRK:B?

Dylan explains that stock is just a smaller piece of the pie, but exactly the same company.

Dylan adds Berkshire B-shares to the book. (BRK:B)

This next one is tougher. The digital revolution is a topic that makes headlines everyday. Just yesterday we told you about the death of digital copyright with the Apple (AAPL) - EMI (EMIPY) deal.

As the revolution marches on, we can’t help but wonder which stock is best poised to benefit?

By the time of the show the guys had narrowed down their picks to two contenders, Echostar (DISH) and EMC Corp. (EMC).

Guy Adami says DISH is already up 47% since July – he votes for EMC because he sees more upside and thinks it’s going to $16.5 or $17.

Eric Bolling loves DISH because the CEO made Barron’s Top 50 and they hooked up with Google (GOOG).

Jeff Macke chooses Echostar because they’re giving customers better data that allows them to price ads more efficiently. That’s exciting, he says.

Tim Strazzini thinks EMC will benefit more in the next product cycle.

In a tie The Commissioner decides. Dylan says EMC goes into the book.

Questions? Comments?

Trader disclosure:
On APR 3, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders  Bolling Owns (DIS), Gold, Silver Strazzini Owns (VZ), (YHOO)