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Your Questions About CBS, Deere & Co....

Question 1: Lisa from NY wants to know with the network “up-fronts” right around the corner, if she should buy traditional media outlets such as CBS (CBS), or the higher growth media outlets such as Viacom (VIA)?

(In case you’re wondering up-fronts are lavish presentations where the TV networks debut their new Fall line-up to advertisers, and then ask them to buy commercial time “up-front.”)

Face to Face

Tim Strazzini says since next year is an election year he recommends looking further out into the future and buying the companies that will benefit from campaign ad buys. He recommends CBS and News Corps (NWS).

Question 2:
Logan from CT says he grew up on a small farm, and wonders if Caterpillar (CAT) or Deere & Co, (DE) would be the better farm play?

Guy Adami says neither one. Instead he recommends Potash (POT) which is a maker of fertilizer and one of Citigroup’s top picks for ’07.

Question 3:
Godwin from FL observes that the market's focus has been on rising oil prices and the housing market slump. He wants to know if there a sector that he can buy now which might gain strength into summer.

Eric Bolling says own the utilities, specifically the nuclear utilities. He likes Exelon (EXC) and Entergy (ETR).

Question #4:
Brian from CT asks if he should buy June Apple (AAPL) put options in-front of the June release of the iPhone?

Dylan explains a put means Brian thinks the iPhone is overblown and the stock is going lower. Pete Najarian says typically AAPL dips in the Summer and then runs into December. He recommends buying the call. 

Face 2 Face

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Trader disclosure:
On APR 4, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders. Bolling Owns (DIS), (ICE), (NMX), Gold, Silver Najarian Owns (DNDN), (OI), (RIO), (PDE) Strazzini Owns (BOT), (DNDN), (SNDK), (WMT), (STM), (BRCM)