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Your Questions About Tribune, Monsanto & More...


*This post was amended on Wed. April 4th at 2:20pm ET

Question #1: Charity from NY wonders with today's sale of Tribune (TRB), if she should buy Gannett (GCI) or the New York Times (NYT) or another publisher?

Jeff Macke tells Charity not to buy any publishing stocks - avoid the entire group. Jeff says buy Yahoo! (YHOO), instead.

Question #2: Richard from Villanova, PA says with Wyeth's (WYE) experimental drugs gaining positive reviews and rumors of takeover floating around - should he buy the hype and long the stock?

Tim Strazzini says he loves the large cap pharama space and WYE is pretty cheap.  He also likes Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). Tim adds Sanofi-Aventis (SNY),Novatris (NOVN) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are riskier bets but Tim thinks they will pay-off.

Question #3: Leonidas from NY says Monsanto (MON) was recommended by the guys a few times, as a good play based on the increasing demand for corn.  Lately, Monsanto has been the subject of rumors linking it to artificial-growth hormones.  He wants to know if Monsanto now presents too much of a risk?

Eric Bolling says MON is up 28% since the rumors of genetically modified seeds broke last year.  Eric reccomends that Leonidas stick with the stock.

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