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Video Roundup: Driving Strategy


The New York International Auto Show will captivate thousands of car lovers at New York City's Jacob Javits Center April 6-15th. Detroit will showcase their best, and CNBC's Phil Lebeau caught up with "Big Three" executives at the event.

The new Ford Flex is displayed at the New York International Auto Show in New York, Wednesday, April 4, 2007. The show opens to the public on April 6, 2007. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
Seth Wenig

In an exclusive interview, CNBC's Phil Lebeau talks to Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally about how the company's restructuring plan is progressing and what it will do to increase slumping sales. Among other vehicles at the show, Ford is introducing the - non-suv/non-minivan - crossover vehicle, Flex, which Mulally excitedly reports will "redefine the family car going forward." 

LeBeau also discusses the Flex with Mark Fields, the president of Ford's Americas unit. Fields explains the appeal of the Flex and how the company plans to avoid the "minivan syndrome" by way of innovative styling and versatility. And touching upon the company's pressure to meet internal targets and achieve objectives, Fields responds: "all of our jobs are on the line, the company is on the line, and if we take that attitude, we're going to achieve our results."

Also, LeBeau talks with GM's Vice Chairman of North American product development, Bob Lutz. Lutz discusses the unveiling of GM's three mini-sized vehicles and why they will fare well in the U.S. Lutz, a one-of-a-kind industry veteran and former star at rival Chrysler, also discusses the possibility of industry consolidation and the potential role private equity firms may have in the auto industry.

Finally, Mercedes is making a big splash at the New York Auto Show, especially with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Black series. LeBeau takes a look.

Mulally Speaks

Alan Mulally, Ford CEO.
Wed. Apr. 4 2007 | 11:00:00 AM [03:43]

Bob Lutz, GM North America Vice Chairman.
Wed. Apr. 4 2007 | 8:00:00 AM [05:43]

Ford's Way Forward

Mark Fields, Ford Motor, Americas President.
Wed. Apr. 4 2007 | 1:52:00 PM [03:11]

Mercedes Black Series

Mercedes Black Series

A look under the hood of the carmaker's latest high-performance vehicle.  
Wed. Apr. 4 2007 | 7:10:00 AM [02:30]