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CNBC Europe's New Live Data Provides Greater Context to Breaking Business News

CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe, the leading pan-European business and financial TV channel is introducing a number of new ‘live’ data options as part of its new on-air look, which launches on 13 th September 2004. The channel believes that its new proprietary graphics system includes ground-breaking options, which, when applied to breaking news stories, will set the channel apart in terms of reporting on the European business and financial markets.

The channel has introduced significantly increased functionality to its signature ‘hotboards’ which illustrate live financial data as it breaks in the European markets. Central to this is a monitoring system which indicates whether an indices or a stock is trading at a ‘day high’ or ‘day low’, which can then be broadcast in real-time via the on-screen graphics. The audience sees this as a flashing symbol alongside the price point. The system also tracks the ‘price range’ a stock has traded at across the day, which is shown as a scale on a graph.

Jeremy Pink, director of news and programming, CNBC Europe says: “Our graphics capability now allows millions of options in terms of how we can present financial information. Financial data is at the heart of the channel and we have created a formula which adds a greater depth of information than we have had before.

“Each time we have a ‘day high’ or ‘day low’ it becomes a ‘news event’ for our journalists who can then give the viewer the context of the story, on air, in real time.

“By creating a flashing animation for these elements, we’re providing a visual cue for the viewer, alerting them to a potential story and information that they may act on.”

The new data boards are being introduced as the channel launches its new on-air look, which includes a new studio set using silver and platinum colours to reflect its exclusive and high value audience of business and financial professionals. Its video wall, which is one of the channel’s most recognized features, is being upgraded to take the new graphics.

Each of the channel’s programmes will have new branding and identities, using colours reflecting the time of day of the broadcast, with early morning shows being represented by vibrant orange and yellow and evening shows in blue and purple.

Pink continued: “We are broadcasting in an exciting and fast moving environment. It is about real-time, marketing moving information and our on-air graphics and presentation are all designed to contribute to the story we’re telling. Financial data is put in context by our graphics and the overall business day is being brought to life with colour and typography.”

CNBC Europe’s new graphics capability has been designed and created by its in-house team of graphic designers and data programmers.