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Won't You Be My Street-Heart?

In this new feature we tell you about small stocks getting big love from The Street. Find out if our guys also think these companies are hot to trot!

We kick off the week with Coherent (COHR), a company that manufactures lasers.  It's got three buy ratings on the street. Here’s what one of those bullish analysts has to say.

Mark Miller, of Brean Murray, Carret & Company wrote last June

"Over the last three years since John Ambroseo has been CEO, Coherent (COHR) has undergone a series of changes that have reduced costs, closed money losing divisions, and seen the successful acquisition of several new companies."

And then in February Miller wrote….


"With a tangible book value per share of $22, over $0.5 billion in cash, a diverse customer base and steady-top and bottom-line improvements over the past three years, we continue to believe Coherent (COHR) is a compelling choice for value-oriented investors."

John Ambroseo, Coherent's Chief Executive joins the guys on the fast line.

Dylan Ratigan asks what’s driving demand?

Mr. Ambroseo explains his company makes lasers and they enable applications in ways that traditional tools can’t. For example, he says it wouldn’t be possible to have the next generation of semi-conductors without lasers

Dylan asks why the stock isn’t doing better?

Mr. Ambroseo says their business is hard to understand and Wall Street likes a simple story.

After the interview, Tim Strazzini says this stock could easily trade between $28-$31 for the next year. Tim thinks the industry needs to turn - in order to get the stock up.

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Trader disclosure:
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