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Your Money, Your Marriage -- Taxes

By CNBC.com Staff

CNBC's Sharon Epperson and Ernst & Young tax expert Elda Dire, answer some of the tough questions facing couples as the income tax filing deadline approaches in this two-part Web-only video report. You'll find answers to these questions and more:

- Can a married couple choose their filing status: single, married or married filing separately?

- Does getting married increase your tax bill?

- What do you need to know about deductions if you're still married but separated?

- What are the tax implications when a non-working spouse enters the work force?

Epperson and Dire also reveal some of the best ways couples (and individuals) can save on their taxes and provide how-to tips, including:

- Contributing to an IRA

- Taking the Dependent Care Credit

- Deducting Margin Interest

- Remembering the Telephone Excise Tax Credit

Sharon Epperson is CNBC's personal finance expert and the author of a new book "The Big Payoff: 8 Steps Couples Can Take to Make the Most of their Money - and Live Richly Ever After."