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Scott Cole: "Wonderful But Surprising" As Weekly Winner

As we said, Scott Cole is our weekly winner #5 and I just got off the phone with him.  Scott says "it's wonderful to be a winner and surprising" at the same time. He says he didn't see his name on the weekly leaderboard and didn't figure he'd be the top gun for the week--but he is.

FYI--Scott's winning percentage was hefty 78.70%. Scott is an investment fund manager with a BA from Northwestern University (he's a native of Illinois) and has an MBA from Stanford University. Scott says he's been "very active for myself" as an investor over the last ten years. He's married with two young children--a girl age 7 and a son who is 3.

As for his strategy, Scott says he took an "all in approach." He did this because he realized with so many contestants, he would need to find a stock with the right volatility. Scott went on to say that he's "very statistically oriented" as he studies "some fundamentals and some technicals."

His big winner was RBN . Scott says he was surprised it got such a boost, but that he had found it by looking at earnings release and the fundamentals of the company.

As for the finals--Scott says he's still "mulling over his strategy" but probably might not be so aggressive as he was before. He was certainly aggressive enough this time to be our 5th weekly winner. Congratulations to Scott Cole.

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