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"Shares Trade At A Big Discount" Says Analyst

In this feature, “Fast Money” uncovers some of The Street's most loved stocks. Although the analysts are smitten, you may never have heard of these titillating tickers. Click here to find out which company is Wall Street’s latest object of desire.

Today’s “Fast Money” Streetheart is Investment Technology Group (ITG), a company thatsupplies trading technology to professional investors.

On Wednesday, Mike Vincinquerra from BMO Capital Markets wrote ITG “Shares trade at a big discount to equity exchange stocks despite what we believe is a very bright growth outlook.”

Despite the love, the stock is off 27% over the past year, says Dylan Ratiagan.  Sometimes love hurts!


ITG Chief Executive Robert Gasser joins the guys for this conversation.

Dylan asks him why the stock has performed poorly?

Mr. Gasser says, lately, the market has been focussed on other areas such as the exchange stocks. But, he adds that his company can deliver reliable, fast, innovative technology and anonymity to institutional investors.

Guy Adami adds the equity model has changed. Investors won’t pay 5 cents to trade with big brokerages, anymore – they’re going to platforms such as ITG.

Eric Bolling disagrees. He says as a trader he’s willing to pay a little more, for the information Goldman Sachs (GS) or Lehman (LEH) can provide.

Dylan asks if Mr. Gasser of ITG is for sale.

He says not today, but will consider whatever is best for his company.

Dylan asks the guys if they would own this stock.

Eric Bolling and Pete Najarian both tell investors to stick with the larger exchanges.

Jeff Macke says ITG has a tough business model.

Guy Adami says he’s a buyer.

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