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Grennberg Slams Macke Over Sirius

Trouble has come a-knockin’. Herb Greenberg’s at the door, and he's got a wrong to right with each of our guys. Forget what you’ve seen at the movies – those are brawls! What follows is a true “Street Fight

Herb Greenberg is a CNBC contributor and Senior Columnist for MarketWatch.

Round 1:

With a fiendish gleam in his eye and a pair of brass knuckles in his hand, Herb lunges for Jeff Macke.

Not really, but he doesn’t like that on April 3rd Jeff told viewers “I think you can buy Sirius (SIRI) on its 52 week lows…”

Street Fight

Herb says the stock went down when the company announced a merger with XM (XMSR)! It makes no sense, he says – it’s a no win situation!

Jeff Macke comes back swinging. He says subscriber growth grew 82% in ‘06 vs. ’05.

Dylan Ratigan rules in favor of Herb based on the stock trading lower after the deal. Dylan calls SIRI “a lottery ticket.”

(A senate Committee is currently hearing arguments to determine if the merger would violate anti-trust laws)

Round 2:

Wiping blood from his mouth Herb seems to recoil for only a moment, then he glares at Guy Adami and spits “Curse you!”

Again, not really. But he does have a problem with Guy who said on April 13thToll Brothers (TOL) is the one (homebuilder) I’m getting ready to buy…because these guys don't have the exposure to the subprime contagion that the rest of these homebuilders do.”

“How do you know that, Guy?!” screeches Herb!

Guy Adami says the stock has jumped 9% in less than a week – It’s a trade Herb, nothing more..

Dylan Ratigan rules in Guy’s favor because the stock went higher.

Round 3:

Herb now turns toward his arch nemesis Eric Bolling, and trembles with unbridled rage.

Once again, not really. But he does have an issue with Eric for recommending Reddy Ice Holdings (FRZ) on April 10th  At the time Eric said, “I love this stock. There is nobody that competes with them. They have an absolute captive audience.”

Herb says the company has tons of competition in a fragmented industry. He says this is the second incarnation of this company, too.  The first time around the company melted!

Eric Bolling says the stock trades with no competition, and has 30% higher revenue year over year.

Dylan rules in favor of Eric Bolling -- and Herb demands a challenge.  He asks the rest of the guys to overrule Dylan.

Hmmmmm… what will they do? (Long dramatic pause.....)

Sorry Herb – Better luck next time!

Street Fight

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Trader disclosure:
On APR 19, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders  Macke Owns (SWY) Najarian Owns (AXP), (HNZ), (MON), (MOT), (NDAQ), (XLF), (MPEL) Bolling Owns (NMX), (MPEL), Gold, Silver, Natural Gas Corn; Bolling Is Short Soybeans